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“I find the great thing in this
world is not so much where
we stand, as in what
direction we are moving: To
reach the port of heaven, we
must sail sometimes with
the wind and sometimes
against it, but we must sail,
and not drift, nor lie at
~Oliver Wendell Holmes
Are you looking for solutions?  Do you just want to feel
better? Are you not even sure what you are looking for?  If
you are looking for something more,  if you feel low on
energy and enthusiasm,  I can help you find your hope.

Whatever path you choose - traditional, non-traditional or
way off the beaten path -
the help you want is available.  

If you are ready to move forward please give me a call.
Look through the rest of my website for some specifics on
my services, style and beliefs. I do my best to provide you
with a safe, friendly, comfortable, non-judgmental setting
to process your emotions and focus on solutions.  I'm not
afraid of the tough stuff!  I strive to meet you where you
are and help you find what you are seeking.

To set up an appointment, please call 847-220-1442.
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